Classroom Decoration Ideas

If you are a teacher or a student, and want to find some great ideas to decorate your classroom, take a look at the idea given in this article for some creative ones!

It’s always fun to have a decorated classroom, no matter which grade you are studying or teaching in. Who likes to study or attend classes in a classroom which doesn’t have color and pictures to make everything interesting? In every school, it is always encouraged to have charts, pictures, stories, sayings, and many other things which are educative as well as decorative in the classroom. You too can come up with many such decorations for your class, either alone or with a few friends. To help boost your creativity, there are some great ideas mentioned in the upcoming paragraphs. Take a look!

Every grade in school has a syllabus which tells you what your subjects are, lessons, and pattern of study for that year. While going through that course, there are many things you learn, and many projects which you make. Putting up these projects and lessons in the form of models and charts in your classroom is a great way of displaying creativity in the classroom. Along with these ideas, you can implement many other innovative things by yourself. But in case you need help, read ahead to find out some easy ideas to decorate your classroom, with respect to your grade.

For Preschool
When kids are in preschool, it is the teacher’s responsibility to come up with the decoration ideas for the classroom, as the kids are too young. To decorate a preschool class, you can give your kids drawing and pasting assignments, and once they are done, display them around the class. You can hang streamers with pictures of alphabets, numbers, animals, fruits, vegetables, cartoons, and toys around the class, as pictures are the best way to teach kids at this age. You can also have charts with nursery rhymes and stories written on them, so that it’s easy for you to illustrate a story to them, when required. Preschool kids are very curious about sounds, hence keeping a musical instrument or anything which interests them, can also be a great way of teaching.

For Middle School
Middle school involves kids in the age group of 10 to 14 years. At this age, kids study subjects like history, geography, literature, mathematics, and science. Thus, you can have a wide variety of decorative displays around the class. If there have been science projects which were held in your class, you can have them displayed on cupboards and tables in the class. Country maps and a globe can be used as educative geography decorations. Pictures of American presidents and great political leaders, historical characters which are studied in class, can also be displayed on the walls. Arts and crafts projects made by students are great as well, and to keep the students and teachers updated, you can have bulletin boards too.

For High School
Your high school classrooms have to be a bit more organized, systematic, and decorated in a very subtle yet mature manner. There is no need to use streamers, and bold colored juvenile posters around the walls and bulletin boards of the classroom. You can decorate your high school class with simple posters with inspirational quotes and sayings by great thinkers. You can bring about motivation in the classroom through these positive writings and thoughts. Important news and headlines can be put up on the bulletin boards, to keep the students updated. If there are notices from the management that need to be read, they too can go up on the boards. Scientific formulae, math theorems, and important academic references which need to be looked up every time, like the “Periodic Table”, should definitely be a part of the decoration.

With these basic and knowledgeable ideas, you can surely choose the way you would like to decorate your classroom. A bit of creativity added to all these ideas will definitely help in making your classroom even more interesting, and a pleasant place to study.

Ideas for a Preschool Graduation

Preschool graduation ideas include many activities that are difficult, but exciting to plan and execute. Teachers and parents need a well-prepared plan if they want to make the graduation a success.

Preschool graduation is a very important stepping stone – in the life of the preschoolers and their parents alike. It is the time when they say goodbye to their so-called baby years and start on with 12 years of regular school. A preschool graduation is an important occasion to mark this, and should be made a memorable event for the preschoolers.

Ideas for Teachers

Preschoolers, with their teacher, making craft projects for graduation day slide exhibits
Take photographs of the kids in action – during field trips, when they are playing, coloring, or working on some project.

These photographs help in a big way during the planning of the graduation ceremony. Teachers can use all these photographs in a slide show or a presentation.

Send out invitations to the parents for the graduation ceremony. Talk to a few of the parents who are willing to help out for this event.

Preschoolers decorating the classroom for graduation day
Decorate the classrooms with banners, streamers, posters, and craft items that the preschoolers have created during the year that they spent at the preschool.

Graduation hats and gowns are very important during the main ceremony, order these beforehand. They could have the child’s name printed on each of them, with the date and year of their graduation. They can probably do this at the back of the gown or on the rim of the hat.

Preschool kid tossing bouquet in the air, as a part of graduation day rehearsals
If time permits, write goodbye cards for the little ones and get them laminated, so that the cards could serve as a remembrance of their preschool days and they fondly remember their teachers too.

Also, a week or so before the graduation ceremony, conduct a series of mock graduations so that the children get enough practice for the main day. They could practice handshakes for the time when they are receiving their certificates, so as to avoid confusion during the actual ceremony.

Ideas for the Ceremony

Preschool kid, posing with family on graduation day
It is every parent’s dream to see their son or daughter graduate.
Preschool graduations, though small, still have a huge impact on the parents as well as the children. It is a transition phase for the children, where they move on from being toddlers to school-going kids.

Preschoolers, gathered happily on graduation day, with certificates in hand
The children should be made to line up like in college graduations, in the order of their names. When their names are called out, they should go up on stage and collect their “certificates” from the head of the preschool.

While doing this, a photographer should take photographs of the children shaking hands with the head of the preschool while getting their certificates. This would give the toddlers a sense of importance and achievement.

Gift bags, ready to be given away to preschoolers on graduation day
The institution could also have a small award ceremony to give out small mementos to students for things like best participation in a play, musical performance, cleanliness, obedience, friendliness, etc., to make the kids feel special.

Another idea is giving small gifts to the children at the end of the party. Fill a favor bag with gift items such as crayon sets, key chains, soft toys, coloring books, rulers, pencils, etc. Let the kids close their eyes and pick one gift from the favor bag.

After the Graduation Ceremony

Preschool kids play charades and other games, post the graduation ceremony
Playing games, like alphabet charades, musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey, word games, dancing, etc., after the ceremony, is a great idea.

Like after every school-related ceremony, a photo session is a must. All the children would love to strike a pose for the camera with their certificates, in their smart tassels and gowns.

A class photograph is always a good keepsake that the children, parents, as well as the teachers will treasure throughout their lives.

An enticing array of sweets for preschool kids on graduation day
To prolong the celebrations, have the kids sing songs or recite poems. They can make a small “performance” of maybe one or two songs in front of the parents. Hand out candies and sweets as gifts.

A small presentation of the preschool year could be arranged for the parents and kids. While making this PPT, the teachers should include photographs of all the children, but still keep it small and interesting. The children can be shown in groups playing games, coloring, or drawing.

A buffet of delicious food for the preschool graduation day
No celebration is complete without food and beverages. Parents could help out by getting the graduation cake and arranging for the snacks or beverages.

The school could also arrange for a caterer to supply sandwiches or pizzas, along with cup cakes, muffins or brownies.

Beverages like milk or juice could be provided to the children. The kids would love this, and they would have a blast.
There are many ideas and themes, which would make both the parents and children happy. Preschool graduation ideas are all about how creative the preschool teachers can get. Bring in a few parents who are willing to volunteer, and voilĂ  – you have a smashing preschool graduation event!

Entertainment for Children

The following article will give you effective ideas on the different aspects that are involved in entertainment for children and how to go about arranging for it.

If you’ve ever spent any time with children, let’s say roughly around the age group of 3-6, you’d know that they are easily distracted and they need constant entertainment. Coming up with different ways and techniques for the same can get tough even for the seasoned player, which in this case is a person who spends a lot of time with children. Parents who have kids of this age are often baffled about how to keep their kids busy through entertainment and how to keep inventing newer methods in children’s entertainment all the time. That is where this article will help, cause it gives you some forms of entertainment that you can use and keep the kids engaged. Continue reading for some tips and ideas.

Entertaining children can be looked at in two ways, if you ask me. There’s entertainment for pure entertainment sake and then there’s entertainment that helps in child development by teaching them different concepts of life while entertaining them.

Arts and Crafts
Different forms of kid’s crafts make for some of the best entertainers for kids. This range offers so many choices that it can literally get confusing when it comes to making a choice. Different forms of crafts provide for a lot of color and activities, and that is what the kids enjoy. Playing with dough and clay, or making things out of colored paper is what the kids love most. Even a simple activity like beading a necklace can keep the kids engaged for a long time. Just make sure that the material provided to them is safe.

Activity Books
Activity books include coloring books, maze books, finding words, finding hidden objects, and a whole other set of options. Sit with them and take them through a couple of things, then when they get the hang of it, leave them to it.

Puppet Shows
Puppet shows provide for a lot of entertainment in one medium. There’s colors and objects of different shapes and sizes, there’s music, and most importantly―there are stories! Kids love stories and the different voices that are put on by the puppeteers.

This one has got to be the most common choice that is used as entertainment for children. There is wide range in this one and it is the easiest thing to get hooked on to. Many parents try and limit the watching hours for their kids as it can get quite addictive. There have been several shows that have been developed with the aim of teaching kids through entertainment, like ‘Sesame Street’, and these are both fun and provide knowledge.

Kids Stories
Kids and stories. Stories and kids. There is an innate connection there. Everyone loves a good story and kids are no different. There are several new forms of storytelling that have been developed over the years. There are the fairy tale books with their short stories for kids, audio CDs, interactive children’s books, and more.

Music and Dance
This is one option that is not heavily used, but can be easily taken in as one of the factors of providing entertainment at a party as well as everyday. Put on a kids’ music CD and dance around with the kids. They’ll love it.

Kids’ Games
Party games or even the everyday indoor and outdoor childhood games like hop scotch, tag, finding the leader, hula hoops, and others, make for some of the best forms of entertainment for them. This is where they just give in to their instincts and have a good time without caring about a thing in the world.

All these games are not just great sources of entertainment, they are also as much fun when they double up as party entertainment for kids. They teach, as well as entertain, and that’s one of their best features. So the next time there’s any confusion about the choices to make when it comes to providing entertainment for children, peruse through this article and you’ll have your choices ready for the picking.

Extra Curricular Activities in School

Wondering why extra curricular activities form an indispensable part of schools? Here are eight reasons that will surely convince you about their necessity.

Isn’t this age-old proverb rightly put? A student’s school days are some of the best days of his life. These days can never be complete without a little bit of sporty excitement, a bit of adventure and the crazy strokes of a painting class. Some of the best talents around the world, attribute their extra curricular activities as the roots of their academic and career success. If you are eager to know the secret of their success, then you should definitely read my article.

Why are Extra Curricular Activities Indispensable?

Help as Stress Buster
It is humanly impossible to be fully energetic with a single activity all through the day. Nowadays, the educational curriculum is vast and ever-expanding. This can create a lot of mental and physical stress as well as a mental block to take up a study routine day in and day out. Activities like sports, music, arts, etc., expose students to a variety of lighter activities that help let go the mental tension and stress of studying for a short period of time. In activities like sports, there is known to be a high rush of adrenaline which soothes the strained body even as it experiences physical exertion.

Improve Health
Schooling often tends to be sedentary in nature. The load of school schedule and heaps of homework often keeps students glued to their desks. Young children need a lot of physical activity to keep them physically fit. These activities help curtail tendencies of obesity and health related issues amongst young children while improving the child’s immunity. Also, when students are engaged in outdoor activities, they are prone to receive sufficient quantity of Vitamin D which is essential for their physical growth and development.

Help Develop Multitasking and Time Management Skills
There is no better lesson than to learn the art of balancing studies and work along with other activities. Opting for multiple responsibilities from a young age creates an acute sense of time management as well. These skills accumulate over a period of time and mold the student’s mind for a brighter future.

Search Hidden Talents
Studies do have the capacity to improve a student’s skills. However, when students are actually exposed to new and variety of activities at a very young age, they may develop their own taste for the activity and thus, parents as well as teachers can search for student’s hidden likings and talents.

Develop Team Spirit
Most of the extra curricular activities like sports, debating, etc., can never be completed without the involvement of a lot of team members. When exposed to such teaming with like minds, there is seen to be an active exchange of creative ideas and the ability to work together as a team. This creates a sense of belonging, a sense of loyalty towards the team, and development of sporting spirit. Friendships thus formed, have often survived for a lifetime.

Develop Interpersonal Skills
Activities like public speech, social service, sports develop a student’s interpersonal skills so as help them be the masters of communication in their adult life. Crucial arts such as listening skills, leadership skills, stage confidence, negotiating skills, oratory skills and logical reasoning get developed in the students from a very young age.

Create Social Responsibility Sense
Exposure to activities like social service and volunteering helps students understand true social problems since a very young age. This is known to stir the humane side of students creating a sense of social responsibility and social justice in these young minds. Students might be guided by their teachers to help senior citizens and young helpless children by organizing social visits to old ages homes and orphanages respectively. Students with previous experience in social work have reported that they feel an acute sense of owing some of their precious time and energy to the welfare of the less advantaged people.

Help in Making Dual Careers
Bookish knowledge can never be complete without its actual application. Schools stress that students must engage themselves in lots of extra activities for which they are awarded grades. Such work experience goes a long way into shaping the student’s career. The nurturing of a liking for these activities from a young age, may encourage these students to take up dual careers in their adult lives. e.g. – A student who had taken up painting as part of her extra curricular activity since early age, may balance her life between a professional career and painting as an alternate career during her adult life.

Surely, there has never been a better opportunity for young children to get acquainted with so many great qualities at the same time. Parents may need to do some research to find the best school for their children. Look for schools with wide number of extra curricular activity options. Parents and teachers need to take extra pains to encourage students to take up some activities. There might be some setbacks till the child finds a hobby to his or her liking. But once the connection is made with the right hobby, then there is no temptation to turn back!